I’m one of a small number of photographers working today who still print and tone B/W silver gelatin images by hand, in the traditional way. I work in my own dark room at my studio by the sea.

My interest lies in the unpredictability of employing so many toners on each image, because the chemicals always react differently. Each time I develop and tone an image I get a different result. No two photographs can ever be the same: each one is unique.

I cut all my mounts by hand from conservation quality card and I have each frame made by local craftsmen to fit each photograph. The frames are made of reclaimed wood, most of it from the beach outside the studio.

This level of skill and care is reflected in the finished photograph and I think that’s what makes them appealing to people who are looking for something more than just an image.

Most of the images on this site are for sale as Limited Edition, Signed, Toned Silver Gelatin Prints

You can buy the images in a range of standard mount sizes (15" x 12" @ £85.00, 20" x 16"@ £150 and 23" x 26" £295) or, if you have different requirements, just give me a call to discuss them. The prints are hand mounted and protected by archival crystal sleeves.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a picture, do give us a call on 01797 223 005 or email us on info@greenhalfphotography.co.uk